Honest Abe


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basketballs smell gross 

go to hell??

why are you defending the smell of a ball 

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Also apparently giving myself shots in my thighs and arms is causing them to be fatter than they would be if I didn’t have the diabetes??? Kinda annoying bc fat in those places is hella feminine gdi

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His name is Sparrow and he is SO BEAUTIFUL I can’t stand it.

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ps i spent 3.5 hours in a flaming scooby doo souit dones’t mess with me 

so so so sleepy sorry for not tagging shows and stuff too tired i’m still tagging food and the like tho bc that can actually affect people on a more serious level but sorry if you hate sailor moon and now you’re seeing it bc the president didn’t have time to tag it for you and now your eyes have been tainted by the sight of usagi tskino eating a donut my bad abraham lincoln apologiezes